Lovely Runner” cast members have shared the best scenes of their choice!

On May 28, tvN revealed the best scenes that were personally selected by each of the lead actors Byeon Woo Seok, Kim Hye Yoon, Song Geon Hee, and Lee Seung Hyub.

Byeon Woo Seok, who became an icon of pure love by portraying Ryu Seon Jae, said, “I remember the scene (in episode 15) where Sun Jae restores his lost memories.”

He explained, “It is the moment when Sun Jae, who has lived for 15 years with forgotten memories, reunites with Im Sol. The deep and desperate feelings of Sun Jae that I felt while acting were so vivid that I had lingering emotions, which is why I remember that scene the most.“

Kim Hye Yoon, who plays Im Sol, shared, “It is the scene (in episode 2) where Im Sol runs toward Sun Jae while holding a yellow umbrella. I thought it was Sun Jae and Im Sol’s first meeting and the beginning of their relationship at the same time.”

Song Geon Hee, who takes on the role of Kim Tae Sung, also picked the same scene as Kim Hye Yoon. He remarked, “I think the epilogue of episode 2 is the best scene. I was impressed by the process of depicting Sun Jae’s feelings and how he falls in love with Im Sol as soon as he sees her holding an umbrella for him.”

Lee Seung Hyub, who plays Eclipse’s leader Baek In Hyuk, shared, “I remember the scene (in episode 10) where [Bae In Hyuk] parodies Jung Dae Man (Mitsui Hisashi) from ‘Slam Dunk’ by saying, ‘I want to do music.’”

He explained, “Even though it was Bae In Hyuk’s imagination, it was my first time acting with this much of a comical element. As it was a new challenge, I was very nervous at the time of filming. But I was also able to enjoy watching it because viewers said that it was entertaining.”

The final episode of “Lovely Runner” airs on May 28 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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