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LILAI (라일라이) was a pre-debut trot girl group project under Saltlight Love consisting of four members: Seungyeon, Chaeyun, Yeeun and Hwasu. Unfortunately, LILAI disbanded pre-debut in late 2022. They were supposed to be part of a web drama, but unfortunately the project was cancelled.

LILAI Fandom Name: 
LILAI Official Colors: —

LILAI Official Accounts:
Instagram: saltlight_love (company)

LILAI Members Profile:

Stage Name: Seungyeon (승연)
Birth Name: Lee Seungyeon (이승연)
Position: Leader
Birthday: April 1, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: yeonworld_

Seungyeon Facts:
– She’s the latest member to be revealed.
– She was added the group to replace Minji.
– Seungyeon and Chaeyun are planning to debut in the trot trio Martini, with actress Jeong Haeeun.


Stage Name: Chaeyun (채윤)
Birth Name: Lee Chaeyun (이채윤)
Position: N/A
Birthday: August 14, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 164 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: lchae_yuni

Chaeyun Facts:
— Chaeyun and Seungyeon are planning to debut in the trot trio Martini.


Stage Name: Hwasu (화수)
Birth Name: Seok Hwasu (석화수)
Position: N/A
Birthday: February 4, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 162 cm (5 ft 3¾ in)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: hwasu.__.27

Hwasu Facts:
– She likes Hello Kitty.
– She can play ukulele and drums.


Stage Name: Yeeun (예은)
Birth Name: Lee Yeeun (이예은)
Position: Maknae
Birthday: March 15, 2006
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: mellifluous__ly
YouTube: 이예은YEEUN

Yeeun Facts:
– She’s a fan of the actors Jung Hoyeon, Lee Dohyun, and Kwon Hwawoon.
– She joined Miss Trot 2.
– It’s said that her voice resembles Jeong Dongwon so she is called as ‘Female Jeong Dongwon’.
– Education: Gyeongju Girls’ Middle School
– Family: Parents
– She can play drums and guitar.
– Her favorite singers are Sandeul, Kwon Jungyeol, Kim Minseok of MeloMance, Queen, and Green Day.
– She participated in the survival show “Stars Awakening” (2022).
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Former Member:

Stage Name: Minji (민지)
Birth Name:
Birthday: August 30, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Position: Leader
Height: 172 cm (5’7.5″)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type:
Instagram: _8.30kg

Minji Facts:
– She can dance.
– She left the group before the debut.

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