Actor Lee Seo Han has released a statement regarding the seemingly indecent video he posted on Instagram.

In the wee hours of the morning on May 2, Lee Seo Han posted a video on Instagram Stories that appeared to be of a man and woman engaging in sexual activity on a sofa, adding the caption “Breaking News.” Although he deleted the video about an hour later, it sparked a flurry of outrage online, where some speculated that the video may have been filmed illegally, without the consent of the woman involved.

Additionally, some fans noticed that the room where the video had been filmed appeared to be Bang Ye Dam’s studio.

Amidst the growing controversy, Lee Seo Han posted a brief statement in which he confirmed that the video had been filmed in Bang Ye Dam’s studio, then apologized to both Bang Ye Dam and his fans. The actor also claimed that the video had been “a joke between male friends.”

Lee Seo Han’s full statement is as follows:

About the video uploaded yesterday, it was a joke between male friends.

I apologize to both Ye Dam and Ye Dam’s fans regarding the fact that the video was filmed in Ye Dam’s studio.

I hope that you will refrain from groundless speculation and misunderstandings about this video in the future.

I apologize for giving cause for concern to the people who watched the video, and I will be careful [in the future].

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