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Lee Se Young and Na In Woo are set to star in the upcoming MBC Friday-Saturday drama Motel California.

Motel California is a romance drama based on the 2019 novel “Home, Bitter Home” by writer Sim Yun Seo. The story follows a woman who grew up in a rural motel, ran away from her hometown, and, after 12 years, returns to face her past and rekindle her first love.

Lee Se Young will transform into the female lead, Ji Kang Hee. Growing up in her father’s motel, her home was the motel itself. Born to a Korean father and a mixed-race mother, Kang Hee faced numerous challenges during her upbringing. She fell in love with her childhood friend, Cheon Yeon Soo, but left everything behind at the age of 20 to move to the city. Twelve years later, just as she is about to reach the peak of her career as an interior designer, she is forced to return to her hometown and reunite with her first love.

Na In Woo will portray Cheon Yeon Soo, a man of unwavering love who has only ever loved one woman. He is a veterinarian who is at the center of attention for all the farm owners in the village. To escape their persistent matchmaking attempts, he lets a false rumor spread that he is engaged to a fellow veterinarian colleague. However, when his first love, Kang Hee, reappears, misunderstandings and conflicts arise.

An official commented, “We have captured the poignant and innocent nature of first love in a story full of humor and unexpected twists.” They added, “Lee Se Young and Na In Woo are both trusted actors, and this combination is much anticipated. Look forward to the heart-fluttering romance drama.”

Meanwhile, Motel California is set to begin production soon with the aim of airing next year.


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