“CEO-dol Mart” has dropped new stills ahead of the next episodes!

    “CEO-dol Mart” tells the story of the idol group Thunder Boys consisting of Choi Ho Rang (Lee Shin Young), Shin Tae Ho (EXO’s Xiumin), Jo Yi Joon (MONSTA X’s Hyungwon), Eun Young Min (Choi Won Myeong), and Yoon Sang Woo (Lee Sae On). On the day they reach the peak of their careers, they are made to disband due to an unexpected accident. While each living their own lives separate from one another for five years, they realize the shocking truth that they are owners of a supermarket on paper.


    Previously, the five idols-turned-CEOs overcame various difficulties and gradually became professional business owners. Jo Yi Joon, who takes the responsibility of the fish section, sold all 300 mackerels and proudly became the sales king. Shin Tae Ho also successfully signed vegetable delivery contracts with two large local restaurants. By combining their young ideas with the business know-how received from a genius businessman, the young CEOs became hopeful about the future of Boram Mart.

    Amidst this situation, the newly released stills preview the five CEOs expanding their business by opening a dried fish market at Boram Mart. Yoon Sang Woo, Eun Young Min, Jo Yi Joon, Choi Ho Rang, and Shin Tae Ho are dressed up nicely as they appear on the rooftop of the supermarket on a sunny day.

    In another set of stills, Choi Ho Rang and Shin Tae Ho appear to be finally reconciling after bickering over starring in a television show. In particular, Shin Tae Ho’s facial expression gradually changes as he sees Choi Ho Rang confess something, making viewers curious to find out about what Choi Ho Rang will tell him.

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    Lee Sae On, Choi Won Myeong, Hyungwon, Lee Shin Young, And Xiumin Expand Their Business In “CEO-Dol Mart”

    The production team further raised viewers’ anticipation by sharing, “Choi Ho Rang was the person who disbanded Thunder Boys five years ago. However, he has not yet revealed the exact reason [for disbanding] to the members. He even put on the brakes by himself when they had the opportunity to appear on a television show that all the other members welcomed. But there is a deep story behind [his actions].”

    The next two episodes of “CEO-dol Mart” will be released on October 6 at 4 p.m. KST and will be available on Dramacool. Stay tuned!


    cr: Soompi