The upcoming youth movie “Victory” has shared a sneak peek of Lee Jung Ha’s character!

Directed by Park Beom Soo, “Victory” is a youth film starring Hyeri, Park Se Wan, Lee Jung Ha, Jo Aram and others. The film depicts the story of Geoje Commercial High School’s cheerleading team Millennium Girls, where eight team members with unique personalities are gathered. Set in the backdrop of 1999, “Victory” follows the passionate story of best friends Pil Seon (Hyeri) and Mi Na (Park Se Wan) as they put together a cheerleading team in order to be able to dance.

Lee Jung Ha portrays Chi Hyeong, a sincere high school student who has secretly admired Pil Seon for 10 years as the goalkeeper of Geoje Commercial High School’s soccer team. Chi Hyeong is driven by a strong desire to protect both Pil Seon and the goal, often bringing humor with his awkward charm, despite occasionally letting his emotions lead him astray. With his untidy hair, yellow uniform, goalkeeper gloves, and determined gaze set on defending his goals, Lee Jung Ha’s portrayal of Chi Hyeong promises to captivate the audience.

Lee Jung Ha said, “I enjoyed it because it felt like a movie that delivers a message of support. The script captivated me, and I felt empowered throughout.” He also explained, “I trained to play the goalkeeper role, aiming to show my skill in physical actions and display my varied charms.”

Director Park Beom Soo praised Lee Jung Ha, noting, “When I saw Lee Jung Ha, he already embodied Chi Hyeong. Lee Jung Ha’s natural charm significantly shaped the character of Chi Hyeong.”

“Victory” is set to premiere on August 14. Stay tuned!

Until then, watch Lee Jung Ha host “Music Core” below:

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