JTBC’s upcoming drama “She’s Different Day and Night” (literal title) has unveiled new stills featuring Lee Jung Eun!

“She’s Different Day and Night” is a romantic comedy that follows a young job seeker, who suddenly finds herself trapped in the body of a 50-year-old woman, and a skilled prosecutor who becomes entangled with her all day. The drama is helmed by director Lee Hyeong Min of hit series such as “I’m Sorry, I Love You” and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

Lee Jung Eun stars as Im Soon, the 50-year-old intern persona of Lee Mi Jin (Jeong Eun Ji), who commutes to work as an intern when the sun rises. Despite her mature appearance, Im Soon possesses a youthful mindset, allowing her to effortlessly excel in tasks that leave her peers struggling, earning her the title of the “all-rounder intern.”

The still image below captures Mi Jin, who wakes up as a 50-year-old Im Soon one morning. She touches her own face in disbelief, but she soon starts her second life as an intern who is older than the most of the other employees at work.

Im Soon puts on a confident smile as she wears her public official ID card, which she longed for eight years to obtain.

Lee Jung Eun remarked, “[The character] Mi Jin, a job seeker who prepared for the civil service exam for eight years, kept lingering in my mind the entire time I was reading the script for ‘She’s Different Day and Night.’ I decided to star in this drama thinking that I want to give Mi Jin a small gift.”

“She’s Different Day and Night,” which is expected to provide heartwarming comfort to viewers through the story of Lee Mi Jin and Im Soon, will premiere on June 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Until then, watch Lee Jung Eun in “Once Again” below:

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