Lee Jong Suk will be making a special appearance in Kang Dong Won’s upcoming film “The Plot”!

On May 23, Hankook Ilbo reported that Lee Jong Suk will make a special appearance in the film “The Plot.”

Later that day, a press conference for the film was held in Seoul with director Lee Yo Sup and the lead actors in attendance. At the event, director Lee Yo Sup confirmed Lee Jong Suk’s special appearance.

“The Plot” tells the story of Young Il, a designer who specializes in disguising contract killings as accidents, and the unexpected events that unfold when he becomes entangled in an unforeseen incident. Kang Dong Won will star as Young Il, whose area of expertise is disguising murders as accidental deaths.

The film is set to hit theaters on May 29. Watch the latest teaser here!

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Lee Jong Suk Photo Credit: A-MAN PROJECT

Kang Dong Won Photo Credit: NEW