Ahead of tonight’s episode, “Chief Detective 1958” has released captivating new stills!

MBC’s “Chief Detective 1958” is the prequel to the classic Korean series “Chief Inspector,” which ran for 18 years from 1971 to 1989 and achieved an incredible peak of 70 percent ratings back in its heyday. While the original show was set in the 1970s and 1980s (present day at the time), “Chief Detective 1958” is set even earlier, in 1958. Lee Je Hoon plays a younger version of the titular chief detective Park Young Han, who was played by Choi Bool Am in the original series.


In the last episode of “Chief Detective 1958,” Park Young Han and Seo Ho Jung (Yoon Hyun Soo) delved into the murder case of a woman in her 30s, while Kim Sang Soon (Lee Dong Hwi) and Cho Kyung Hwan (Choi Woo Sung) tackled a string of muggings.

The revelation that the culprits in both cases are linked to teenagers was shocking, highlighting the stark contrast between a merciless killer exploiting legal loopholes and the plight of boys deprived of legal protection. The narrative prompted a profound reflection on the true essence and impact of juvenile law.

The newly released stills for today’s episode depict Park Young Han and the detectives of Investigation Team 1 rushing to the scene of a harrowing traffic accident. The shattered vehicle amidst a road littered with glass shards and debris hints at the gravity of the situation. Viewers are left intrigued, eager to find the possible connection between this accident and the mysterious murder of a female worker, teased in the teaser for tonight’s episode.

Adding to the excitement, tomorrow’s episode promises special appearances by the original cast members of “Chief Inspector,” veteran actors Lee Kye In and Song Kyung Chul. Renowned for their memorable portrayals as criminals in the original series, their return is highly anticipated.

The newly unveiled stills for the final episode, featuring Park Young Han in his later years (portrayed by Choi Bool Am), alongside their poignant reunion, heighten anticipation. With the added allure of Choi Bool Am, Lee Kye In, and Song Kyung Chul’s guest appearances, the finale of “Chief Detective 1958,” airing on May 18, is set to captivate audiences even more.

The next episode of “Chief Detective 1958” airs on May 17 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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