“Chief Detective 1958” has unveiled a glimpse of Lee Je Hoon and Kim Yeong Seong’s intense first meeting!

MBC’s “Chief Detective 1958” is the prequel to the classic Korean series “Chief Inspector,” which ran for 18 years from 1971 to 1989 and achieved an incredible peak of 70 percent ratings back in its heyday. While the original show was set in the 1970s and 1980s (present day at the time), “Chief Detective 1958” is set even earlier, in 1958. Lee Je Hoon plays a younger version of the titular chief detective Park Young Han, who was played by Choi Bool Am in the original series.


In the newly released stills, Park Young Han meets chairman Lee Jung Jae (Kim Yeong Seong) for the first time. Despite Lee Jung Jae’s prominence as the top figure of the Dongdaemun gang, a name known to all, Park Young Han’s unflinching demeanor at the mention of his name only heightens curiosity about his personal visit.

Significantly, since Park Yeong Han’s assignment to Jongnam Police Station, his ongoing clash with the Dongdaemun gang has been unrelenting, prompting Lee Jung Jae to perceive him as a persistent nuisance.

In the teaser clip, Park Yeong Han’s confident declaration, “I have come to offer a daring proposal,” stirs anticipation, sparking speculation about the nature of his offer.

In today’s episode, the body of Seong Chil (Eom Joon Ki), a young man from a rice cake shop in Jongnam Market, is found covered in blood. Despite Park Yeong Han’s unwavering conviction of Sal Mo Sa’s (real name Eo Sam Ryong) (played by Kang In Kwon) guilt, apprehending him proves to be a daunting task.

The production team teased, “Finally, the first encounter between Park Yeong Han and Lee Jung Jae takes place. As Lee Jung Jae, the formidable villain who keeps getting in the way of Park Yeong Han’s investigation finally makes a move, the tension in the narrative is bound to reach new heights. Please stay tuned to see if Park Yeong Han, who held Seong Chil in special regard, can uncover the truth behind his tragic death.”

The next episode of “Chief Detective 1958” airs on April 26 at 9:40 p.m. KST, 10 minutes earlier than usual.

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