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In the first episode of JTBC’s Travel With Mom, aired on the 26th, Lee Hyori shared her difficult family history. During the episode, Lee Hyori embarked on her first mother-daughter trip to Gyeongju. She led the trip with enthusiasm, touching viewers’ hearts.

Reflecting on her busy career, Lee Hyori expressed regret over not being able to fulfill her role as a daughter adequately. “It feels like we would never have this chance if not for this opportunity,” she said, explaining her decision to take this trip. Her mother cherished the time but also feared potential arguments. In contrast, Lee Hyori candidly shared, “I want to experience this as human to human.”

During a heartfelt dinner, the two delved deeper into their relationship. The singer’s mother remarked, “I love seeing you eat well since you often didn’t at home.” Hyori responded, “It’s hard to eat well at home because I’m not at ease. When Dad and Mom are together, I still get tense, fearing something might happen.”

Apologizing, her mother prompted Hyori to say, “You don’t need to apologize, Mom. Dad always started it. That’s probably why I chose a gentle husband, someone who wouldn’t fight with me. I just hate fighting so much.”

Lee Hyori’s mother also recalled the family’s financial struggles during her childhood. “We all lived in a tiny room behind a barbershop. Hyori never got new clothes, only her sisters’ hand-me-downs, and we couldn’t even afford a single bottle of yogurt for her,” she lamented.

On their way to the lodging, the mother suggested they focus on happy memories in this rare opportunity they got. However, Hyori insisted, “This is also a precious opportunity for me,” expressing her desire to confront her childhood traumas and reaffirm her love for her mother, tearfully.

The heartfelt journey of Lee Hyori and her mother unfolds every Sunday at 9:10 PM KST.

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