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Publicly dating actors Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon displayed their affection at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards, held at Gangnam COEX on May 7th.

Lee Do Hyun, who attended the ceremony while serving in the Air Force band, was nominated for Best New Actor in the film category for his role in Exhuma. Lim Ji Yeon, nominated for Best Actress in a TV Series for her performance in Lies Hidden in My Garden, also presented an award during the event. Naturally, the couple’s interaction at the prestigious ceremony caught the attention of fans.

After receiving his award, Lee Do Hyun took to the stage and warmly acknowledged his girlfriend in his acceptance speech, saying, “Ji Yeon, thank you so much.” What particularly caught the audience’s attention was that despite their five-year age gap, Lee Do Hyun does not address Lim Ji Yeon as “noona” (a term used to refer to an older woman).

Following the ceremony, videos surfaced online capturing their sweet interactions. The couple could be seen holding hands and embracing each other, with Lim Ji Yeon placing her hand on Lee Do Hyun’s shoulder. Due to the noise at the venue, they leaned in closely to exchange whispers, creating an intimate moment that fans adored.

Fans responded enthusiastically to the clip, with comments such as “They look so good together,” “He must have been so happy to see her after being in the military,” and “His acceptance speech was so sweet; I hope they stay together for a long time.”

Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon have been openly dating since last year after meeting on the set of the Netflix series The Glory, and their appearance at the Baeksang Arts Awards further cemented their status as one of the industry’s favorite couples.


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