As new details emerge about the late singer Goo Hara’s crucial role in exposing the “Burning Sun” scandal, a burglary that took place at her residence three years ago is being reexamined.

On the 22nd, online communities buzzed with renewed discussion about the January 14th, 2020, incident where a man broke into Goo Hara’s Cheongdam-dong home and stole a personal safe. The theft occurred shortly after Goo Hara’s funeral, when her family was away from the house.

The security camera footage showed the intruder wearing glasses, a mask, and gloves. The suspect appeared to be familiar with the house’s security system, attempting to enter through the front door with a password before scaling the wall and entering through a second-floor balcony. The burglar only took the approximately 30cm x 30cm safe, leaving behind other valuable items.

Roh Jong Eun, the family’s legal representative, stated, “The intruder knew the shortest route to the safe and moved quickly. Goo Hara kept valuable items like necklaces and earrings in the safe, along with investment contracts and old cell phones.” He speculated, “There might have been something even more important in the safe, something only Goo Hara and her close associates would know about.”

Despite a nine-month investigation, the police were unable to apprehend the culprit. This incident has led netizens to wonder if the stolen phones contained evidence related to the “Burning Sun” scandal. Comments included, “Did the phone have ‘Burning Sun’ data on it?” and “If they knew the house password and layout, it must have been someone very close.”


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