ENA’s “Crash” has released new stills!

“Crash” is a crime investigation drama about a Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team that tracks crimes that occur on the road.


Newly released stills unveil the scene of the second police arrest technique class. Unlike before, Cha Yeon Ho’s (Lee Min Ki’s) gaze is sharp, and the altered atmosphere, including scars on his face, grabs attention.

Previously, Min So Hee (Kwak Sun Young) supervised Cha Yeon Ho’s police arrest training. However, Yeon Ho appeared uninterested at the gym. So Hee suggested, “If my knees touch the ground even once, we’ll scrap this training,” but Cha Yeon Ho was subdued without any effort.

Cha Yeon Ho continuously collapsing weakly onto the mat and Min So Hee’s persistent efforts to lift him up provided unexpected humor. Curiosity deepens about whether Cha Yeon Ho’s changed attitude will lead to advancements in police arrest techniques.

The production team hinted at an upcoming development in the show, stating, “An incident occurs that motivates Cha Yeon Ho, who previously felt no need for physical strength, and by his side is the reliable ace squad leader Min So Hee.”

The next episode of “Crash” airs on May 27 at 10 p.m. KST.

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