Good news to K-BL fans! Strongberry’s upcoming Korean BL web drama, “Blossom Campus”, will be released next month!

A new update on the BL tells us that the release of Blossom Campus (블러썸캠퍼스) which was scheduled for the month of March, will be released in May. Consisting of six episodes, this web drama will feature rising actors, namely Son Byeong Hoon and Choi Dong Ho, in the respective roles of Kim Minjae and Lee Yoonchan. We will witness the twists and turns of the romance between Minjae, a music student, and Yoonchan, a taekwondo student.

Kim Minjae Lee Yoon Chan

But before this update, two other additional actors were also introduced by the production company including Kim Yong Sol as Woohyuk, who is Minjae’s biggest fan, and Jo Yoo Seok as Professor, a life advice specialist.

The web drama features Kim Minjae, a 21-year-old student with a calm, meticulous and thoughtful demeanor who has just transferred from Practical Music to work part-time. He continually comes face to face with Yoonchan, whom he met by chance on his first day at his new school.

Lee Yoonchan, for his part, is a 21-year-old student specializing in taekwondo at the Faculty of Sports, Culture and Arts at Hankook University. His awkwardness and introversion do not make him any less charming. Their chance meeting causes their paths to intersect and, over time, their bond deepens to culminate in a romantic relationship.

Korean BL Blossom Campus Confirms Release Date

According to the production company, ‘Blossom Campus’ will be released on May 16 on the following streaming platforms: Heavenly, Rakuten Viki, iQIYI, and GagaOOLala. Follow us to learn more about this BL.