Kim Young Dae may be starring in a new drama with Kim Yoo Jung!

On June 5, OSEN reported that Kim Young Dae had been cast as the male lead Yoon Joon Seo in the upcoming drama “Dear X” (working title).

In response to the report, Kim Young Dae’s agency Outer Universe shared, “‘Dear X’ is one of the projects Kim Young Dae received an offer for and is currently reviewing.”

Yesterday, it was revealed that Kim Yoo Jung is also in discussions to star as the female lead in the drama.

Based on a webtoon, “Dear X” follows the story of Baek Ah Jin, a renowned actress who achieves success by using others, only to experience a subsequent downfall. In addition to depicting the two faces of Baek Ah Jin, the romance drama portrays her love story with the man who stays by her side.

Kim Yoo Jung has reportedly been offered the role of Baek Ah Jin, a character of striking beauty with an antisocial personality disorder who reveals a demonic side when dealing with those who cross her.

According to the reports, producing director (PD) Lee Eung Bok of “Dream High,” “School 2013,” “Descendants of the Sun,” “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” and more is reviewing the project, while screenwriter Choi Ja Won is in charge of the script.

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