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Kim Soo Hyun has made headlines not just for his acting prowess but for his astute real estate investments in one of Seoul’s most prestigious complexes, Galleria Foret, home to celebrities like G-Dragon. According to News1, the Queen of Tears star now holds three apartments in the complex, with their value estimated to reach around 30 billion KRW (approximately 24 million USD).

In October 2013, Kim purchased a penthouse in the luxury complex, measuring 217 square meters (approximately 2,335 square feet). The property, boasting a panoramic view of the Han River, features four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The purchase price was reported at 4.02 billion KRW (approximately 3.216 million USD). A real estate agent mentioned, “While there have been no transactions for the penthouse yet, the asking price is currently around 13.5 billion KRW.”

Further expanding his holdings, Kim acquired another unit on the 17th floor in May 2014 for 3.02 billion KRW (approximately 2.416 million USD), which spans 170 square meters (approximately 1,830 square feet). His latest acquisition, another penthouse, occurred in January of this year for 8.8 billion KRW (approximately 7.04 million USD), covering 218 square meters and featuring three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

To facilitate these purchases, Kim secured a loan of 4.84 billion KRW (approximately 3.8 million USD) using the apartments as collateral. He managed to arrange 4.4 billion KRW in funds through cash and loans secured by mortgages.

With the current market analysis, the combined value of Kim Soo Hyun’s three properties is estimated between 28 billion KRW (approximately 22.4 million USD) and 30 billion KRW, underscoring his lucrative foray into real estate alongside his successful entertainment career.


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