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Kim Soo Hyun is making waves with his distinctive approach to fan interaction through the social networking service Bubble. He’s the first artist from his agency, Gold Medalist, to join the platform.

Following his dynamic performance in episode 14 of Queen of Tears where his character Baek Hyun Woo heroically shatters a car window to rescue Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won), Kim humorously engaged with fans on Bubble, saying, “Ahahaha, I smashed the car.”

The actor has continued to engage with his audience by requesting, “Send me a one-liner review of episodes 13 and 14, and I’ll congratulate a few of you through a draw.” Some fans even unearthed an old post from Kim’s early career where he asked his fans for candid feedback and even constructive criticism, showing how the actor hasn’t changed much since those days.

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Subscribers to Kim’s Bubble have been crafting creatively concise praises due to the platform’s limit of 30 characters. Initially adapting to Bubble, Kim quickly warmed up to the format, winning hearts with his affectionate communication style and meticulous attention to each message. He even joked about the training involved in using Bubble, saying, “It’s not that I’m good at Bubble, everyone starting has to go through an 8-hour course at the company,” which led fans to praise his playful honesty.

As the story about his supposed formal training spread, Kim’s comments climbed the trends on X (formerly Twitter), with netizens reacting with amusement and disbelief, “Almost believed that” and “Well, he’s been trained well.”


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