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Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won revealed their favorite scenes from Queen of Tears as the show continues its reign as the must-watch weekend drama.

Kim Soo Hyun recalled the scene where Baek Hyun Woo confronts Hong Hae In in Germany. He particularly chose the line, “You know everything now,” in Episode 7. In the show, Baek Hyun Woo desperately searches for a cure for Hong Hae In’s illness. However, everything falls apart when Hong Hae In finds out Baek Hyun Woo had been secretly planning a divorce.

Determined to get her fighting spirit back, Baek Hyun Woo pretends to be a jerk, hoping to provoke Hong Hae In into finding her inner strength. Though facing the Queens Group’s anger for hurting her, his unwavering love for his wife shined through.

Kim Ji Won shared that she loved all the scenes filmed in Germany. “The filming in Germany is the most memorable for me. The scenery was just gorgeous and new.”

The drama’s German filming captured Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In’s honeymoon, their first as a married couple. This allowed for numerous scenes where the two openly expressed their affection for each other. Even with Hong Hae In’s illness hanging over them, their trip to Germany for treatment was filled with precious moments. Kim Ji Won explained, “Filming the scenes where Hae In was happy and pain-free with Hyun Woo was especially memorable.”

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In the 14th episode, the two face an unexpected incident after surgery in Germany. Will they find their way back to each other and rediscover happiness? Only time will tell.

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