Disney Plus has announced that the highly anticipated original series, “The Tyrant,” will premiere August 14. A captivating teaser has also been revealed.

“The Tyrant” is a thrilling action thriller that chronicles the chaos after the final sample of “The Tyrant Program” goes missing due to a delivery error. Different factions, each with their own motivations, embark on a frantic race to recover or destroy this sample.

The newly revealed poster shows a stark contrast between mysterious blue tones and the bright red title. A broken sample container, emitting ominous black smoke, suggests the emergence of a dangerous entity that should never have come into existence. The slogan, “The last sample is missing,” announces an intense pursuit.

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Directed by Park Hoon Jung, known for his unique genre films like “New World” and “The Witch” series, “The Tyrant” is his first original series. The impressive cast includes experienced actors like Cha Seung Won, Kim Seon Ho, and Kim Kang Woo, who reunite with director Park. Newcomer Jo Yoon Su also joins the project, promising the emergence of a new star.

“The Tyrant” will feature four thrilling episodes, providing viewers with an intense and condensed viewing experience.

Are you looking forward to it?