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Kim Sa Ron’s anticipated return to acting has been abruptly canceled as she stepped down from the upcoming play Dongchimi, which was set to mark her comeback to the stage.

Dongchimi is a long-running family drama that paints a picture of a taciturn father who knows nothing but his family, a mother who gives everything she has, and three siblings who, despite their childish quarrels, are deeply devoted to their parents. The play has been a staple since its premiere in 2009, earning accolades such as the Korea Creative Culture Arts Award and the Korea National Assembly Grand Prize for Theater of the Year. This was supposed to be Kim Sae Ron’s first acting project nearly three years after her last acting role and two years following a controversial DUI incident.

A theater company insider shared, “Kim Sa Ron was preparing for her return to the stage, even going on a team-building retreat with her fellow cast members. However, after her comeback was announced, the public backlash made it impossible to proceed. Facing mounting criticism, she ultimately decided to exit the production just before its opening.”

Discussions about Kim Sa Ron’s return have been ongoing among the staff, focusing on her health and readiness to perform. However, negative public opinion heavily influenced the final decision to step down. Following the cancellation of her theater comeback, Kim Sa Ron plans to continue teaching acting lessons to new actors and acting hopefuls.

Kim Sa Ron was caught by the police on May 18th, 2022, after hitting a guardrail, trees, and a transformer while driving in Gangnam, Seoul. Her blood alcohol level was found to be 0.2%, exceeding the 0.08% threshold for license revocation in South Korea. She has since been sentenced to a fine and has been working at a cafe, recently starting to offer acting lessons.


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