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Kim Jisoo (김지수), also known as Kim Jisu, is an actress under Namoo Actors who is known for her roles in The Charming Girl (2005), Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016) and 365: Repeat The Year (2020).

Stage Name: Kim Jisoo (김지수)
Birth Name: Yang Sung Yoon (양성윤)
Birthday: October 24th, 1972
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean

Kim Jisoo Facts:
– She debuted in acting in 1992.
– She graduated from Kaywon Art High School in the early 1990’s.
– She worked as a television actress for over a decade before branching out into film.
– In 2005, she made her first big-screen appearance with a leading role in This Charming Girl.
She was in a six-year relationship with actor Kim Joohyuk, with whom she co-starred in Like a Flowing River. The couple broke up in 2009.
– After her change in relationship status on Facebook was leaked in March 2012, Jisoo confirmed that she was dating a Korean-Canadian 16 years older than her. The couple split in 2013.
– She has a younger sister.

Kim Jisoo K-Dramas:
Female Detective 8080 | SBS / as Detective Cha Sunghwa (1992)
Time of Ardor | SBS / N/A (1992)
The Faraway Ssongba River (머나먼 쏭바강) | SBS / N/A (1993)
General Hospital (종합병원) | MBC / as Nurse Joo Kyunghee (1994)
M (엠) | MBC / as Kim Eunhee (1994)
Last Lovers (마지막 연인) | MBC / as Kim Joohee (1994)
Little Heroes | HBS / as Yeojin (1995)
The Angel Within (내 안의 천사) | KBS2 / N/A (1997)
Mountain (산) | MBC / Soojung (1997)
Oce-Act Play “Two Mothers” | SBS / N/A (1997)
When She Beckons (그대 나를 부를 때) | KBS2 / as Kim Inhwa (1997)
Love (사랑) | MBC / as Lee Sojin (1998)
Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You (보고 또 보고) | MBC / as Jung Eunjoo (1998)
Sweet Bride (달콤한 신부) | SBS / as Minhee (1999)
Bad Friends (나쁜 친구들) | MBC / as Lee Sangeun (2000)
The Full Sun (태양은 가득히) | KBS2 / as Park Jisook (2000)
Funny Princes (온달 왕자들) | MBC / as Joo Jangmi (2000)
Straights From the Wind | FujiTV / N/A (2001)
Legend (신화) | SBS / as Yoon Seoyeon (2001)
Days in the Sun (햇빛 사냥) | KBS2 / as Song Heeju (2002)
Like the Flowing River (흐르는 강물처럼) | SBS / as Park Sanghee (2002)
First Love (첫사랑) | SBS / as Yoon Seogyung (2003)
The Age of Heroes (영웅시대) | MBC / as Kim Soseon (2004)
Women of the Sun (태양의 여자) | KBS2 / as  Shin Doyoung / Kim Hansook (2008)
Kim Geun Cho Go (근초고왕) | KBS1 / as Bu Yeohwa (2010)
Love Again (러브 어게인) | jTBC / as Uhm Jihyun (2012)
One Warm Word (따뜻한 말 한마디) | SBS / as Song Mikyung (2013)
Memory (기억) | tvN / as Seo Youngjoo (2016)
Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (화랑) | KBS2 / as Queen Jiso (2016)
A Korean Odyssey (화유기) | tvN / as Na Chalnyeo (2017)
Where Stars Land (여우각시별) | SBS / as Yang Seogun (2018)
365: Repeat The Year (365: 운명을 거스르는 1년) | KBS2 / as Lee Shin (2020)

Kim Jisoo Movies:
This Charming Girl (여자, 정혜) as Jeonghae (2005)
Murder, Take One (박수칠때 떠나라 ) as Jung Yunjung (cameo) (2005)
Love Talk (러브토크) as Jeonghae (cameo) (2006)
Romance (로망스) as Yunhee (2006)
Traces of Love (가을로) as Minjoo (2006)
Solace (사랑할 때 이야기하는 것들) as Hyeran (2006)
Come Rain, Come Shine (사랑한다, 사랑하지 않는다) as Female neighbor (2006)
Gangnam 1970 (강남 1970) as Min Seunghee (2015)
Woojoo’s Christmas (우주의 크리스마스) as Sung Woojoo (2016)
Intimate Strangers (완벽한 타인) as Yejin (2018)

Kim Jisoo Awards:
1997 KBS Dramas Awards | Excellence Award, Actress (When She Beckons)
1998 MBC Drama Awards | Grand Prize – Daesang (Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You)
2002 SBS Drama Awards | Excellence Award, Actress in Serial Drama (Like the Flowing River)
2005 18th Singapore International Film Festival |
Best Actress (This Charming Girl)
2005 6th Busan Film Critics Awards |
Best New Actress (This Charming Girl)
2005 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards |
Best New Actress (This Charming Girl)
2005 4th Korean Film Awards |
Best New Actress (This Charming Girl)
2006 Mnet KM Music Festival |
Best Actress In a Music Video (That Man, That Woman)
2008 KBS Drama Awards |
Top Excellence Award, Actress (Women of the Sun)

Note: I tried my best to find the Hangul and roles she played for some of the dramas/movies but I couldn’t find a lot of them. If you happen to know those dramas alternative titles, Hangul, and the roles she played, do let me know!

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