Kim Ji Won recently shared her favorite romantic moment from the tvN drama, “Queen of Tears.”

During a recent interview on Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel, Kim Ji Won revealed the contents of her travel bag and discussed her spontaneous travel habits. “I don’t usually make plans. I prefer to go without plans, just with a minimum of information. I do my research once I get there. I tend to carry a lot of stuff,” she said.

The actress showed off her sunglasses, a calf massager and a massage ball. She also mentioned her habit of bringing different perfumes depending on her travel destinations, explaining that “perfume brings back memories of those trips.” » She introduced a perfume from Brand B and admitted: “For short outings, I just wear a little perfume, but for longer outings, I use a lot.” »

Kim Ji Won Shares Her Favorite Romantic Scene in 'Queen of Tears' with Kim Soo Hyun K-Selection

Her bag also contained vitamins, essential medications, an MP3 player, eye drops, lip balm, bobby pins, a travel shower filter, alcohol swabs and dental floss.

During a question and answer session, Kim Ji Won was asked to choose between pineapple pizza and raisin bread. “I love pineapple pizza, especially grilled pineapple. I don’t like raisins,” she replied. Asked whether to eat rice or bread for life, she replied: “I would choose rice. I love bread and flour foods, but when I’m abroad for a long time, I miss rice. »

Asked about the most moving moment in “Queen of Tears” for her as a viewer, Kim Ji Won chose a scene filmed in Germany in Sanssouci. “It’s a scene where the couple, who had grown apart, realize that they still care about each other and that they miss each other. Hyun Woo slowly walks up the stairs, and Hae In watches him. It’s the first moment where their relationship starts to change, and I think it’s the most romantic scene,” she shared.

Kim Soo-hyun in Queens of tears

Is this your favorite scene too?