Will singer Kim Ho Joong get arrested?
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Mr. Trot singer Kim Ho Joong appeared in court today for a hearing to determine whether he’ll be arrested on charges of drunk driving and hit-and-run. The hearing comes after a series of events following a May 9th incident where Kim Ho Joong allegedly hit a taxi while driving under the influence. Instead of stopping to help the victim, he reportedly fled the scene.

Before Kim’s hearing, two others connected to him faced similar proceedings. Lee Kwang Deok, CEO of Kim’s agency Think Entertainment, is facing charges of instigating the escape of an offender by instructing Kim’s manager to falsely claim he was driving the car when the accident happened. The company’s head manager, identified only as “A,” is facing charges of destroying evidence by “swallowing” the memory card from the car’s dashcam.

Following the hearing, Kim appeared with his hands restrained but hidden from public sight. When questioned about evidence tampering, he offered a brief apology, stating, “I’m sorry. I will reflect on my actions.” He was then taken to a detention center to await the judge’s decision on the arrest warrant.

A Pattern of Deception
Kim Ho Joong
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Kim’s initial response involved his manager falsely claiming responsibility for driving. His representatives further claimed Kim suffered from a panic disorder and wasn’t drinking, explaining his failure to assist the taxi driver. However, mounting evidence pointed towards Kim’s intoxication. He finally admitted to drunk driving ten days after the accident.

Disturbingly, all of Kim’s scheduled concerts continued as planned, even before his confession. Additionally, following a police investigation on May 21st, reports surfaced that Kim remained at the police station for six hours after the questioning to avoid media attention. This reportedly strained police resources as officers were forced to extend their shifts.

Kim did perform at a concert scheduled for May 23rd but will not be attending his upcoming May 24th show.

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