MBC’s upcoming drama “Bitter Sweet Hell” has unveiled its main poster!

“Bitter Sweet Hell” is a new black comedy starring Kim Hee Sun as Noh Young Won, the top family psychiatrist in all of Korea. When an anonymous blackmailer puts her career and family at risk, Noh Young Won teams up with her mother-in-law Hong Sa Gang (Lee Hye Young), a mystery novelist, to protect their family.

In the newly released poster, Noh Young Won and Hong Sa Gang sit at the same table in similar poses, suggesting that they are in the same boat and working together to solve a mystery. The table in front of them is also littered with photos and other clues.

However, despite their similar poses, the vastly different expressions on their faces highlight the contrast between the two women. Noh Young Won, who is using a small flashlight to illuminate the family photo in her hand, is visibly nervous as her gaze flits off to one side.

Meanwhile, Hong Sa Gang stares calmly into the camera with a sharp, discerning look in her eye, hinting at her keen and perceptive nature. In the poster’s caption, she coolly asks her daughter-in-law, “You still don’t know [what’s going on]? We’ve fallen into a trap.”

The “Bitter Sweet Hell” production team commented, “In our main poster, we wanted to capture the unique alliance between mother- and daughter-in-law Noh Young Won and Hong Sa Gang, along with the meaning of the dancing shadows in the background.”

They went on to add, “Please look forward to the premiere of ‘Bitter Sweet Hell,’ which will provide a new viewpoint and message that is different from our preexisting notions of family.”

“Bitter Sweet Hell” will premiere on May 24 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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