KBS2’s “Nothing Uncovered” has previewed new stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

Based on a popular web novel, “Nothing Uncovered” is a romance thriller drama about investigative reporter Seo Jung Won (Kim Ha Neul) and ace detective Kim Tae Heon (Yeon Woo Jin), who team up to solve a series of murders—and who happen to be ex-lovers. Jang Seung Jo plays Seo Jung Won’s husband Seol Woo Jae, a novelist and chaebol heir.


Previously, it was revealed through Tae Heon and Woo Jae’s cooperation that Yoo Yoon Young (Han Chae Ah) and Mo Soo Rin (Hong Ji Hee) were the culprits of the murder case. Pushed into a corner, Yoon Young decided to die along with Jung Won, creating an intense turn of events.

The newly released stills depict a wide range of emotions between Jung Won, Tae Heon, and Woo Jae including determination, happiness, and sadness.

In the upcoming episode, Jung Won will have to make another choice. After hearing Woo Jae’s secret from Yoon Young, Jung Won becomes greatly confused. Having already considered divorce, Jung Won appears to have organized her thoughts and faces Woo Jae in a calm manner.

With a somber expression near tears, Woo Jae looks dispirited at Jung Won’s unwavering gaze. On the other hand, Tae Heon looks blissfully happy as he gazes sweetly at Jung Won. Viewers are curious to find out how Jung Won’s relationship with Woo Jae and Tae Heon will change going forward.

The next episode of “Nothing Uncovered” will air on April 22 at 10:10 p.m. KST.

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