KBS2’s “Nothing Uncovered” has teased new stills ahead of the finale!

Based on a popular web novel, “Nothing Uncovered” is a romance thriller drama about investigative reporter Seo Jung Won (Kim Ha Neul) and ace detective Kim Tae Heon (Yeon Woo Jin), who team up to solve a series of murders—and who happen to be ex-lovers. Jang Seung Jo plays Seo Jung Won’s husband Seol Woo Jae, a novelist and chaebol heir.


Previously, Woo Jae acknowledged to Jung Won that he murdered Lee Na Ri (Lee Da Yeon). The following day, Woo Jae confessed the truth in front of all the guests at a ceremony and even revealed that Seol Pan Ho (Jung Woong In) hid the body, adding to the suspense.

The newly released stills depict Seol Woo Jae locked up in jail as well as Jung Won and Tae Heon meeting with him.

After confessing the truth, Woo Jae will be investigated by Tae Heon. Asking Tae Heon to reveal the entire truth, Woo Jae personally gives decisive evidence to Tae Heon.

The stills further depict Jung Won meeting Woo Jae while he is locked up. Woo Jae desperately persuades Jung Won, saying that he has a final request. Although Jung Won refuses with a flustered expression, Woo Jae gives Jung Won courage to do the task. Tae Heon, who is also watching, adds strength to Woo Jae’s words to persuade Jung Won, who appears to make a decision and give someone a call.

The final episode of “Nothing Uncovered” will air on May 7 at 10:10 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for the finale!

While waiting, catch up with “Nothing Uncovered” below!

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