Disney+ has shared new stills from its upcoming drama “Red Swan”!

“Red Swan” will tell the story of Oh Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul), a former golfer who enters high society when she marries the heir of Hwain Group. After her life is threatened due to a fierce battle over succession, Wan Soo comes face-to-face with the Hwain family’s secret due to her bodyguard Seo Do Yoon (Rain).

The newly released stills hint at the fierce conflict between Oh Wan Soo and her mother-in-law Park Mi Ran (Seo Yi Sook), who is the chairwoman of Hwain Group. Wan Soo, who steadfastly defends her place in the greedy and ambitious Hwain family, constantly clashes with Mi Ran, who disapproves of her. From an angry outburst with her hands on her hips to a piercing glare directed at Wan Soo, the stills reveal a glimpse of Mi Ran’s fierce determination to control the Hwain family, hinting at the difficult life Wan Soo will face with her in-laws.

On the other hand, Wan Soo is captured with a calm, determined expression and composed demeanor, leaving viewers eager to see how she will coldly confront Mi Ran’s fiery rage. Despite the toxic atmosphere in the Hwain family, Wan Soo has no intention of backing down, sparking curiosity about whether she can uphold her beliefs to the end and how her story will unfold.

“Red Swan” will premiere on July 3.

In the meantime, watch Kim Ha Neul in “Nothing Uncovered” below:

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