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Disney Plus announced on April 2nd the premiere of Nine Puzzles, a highly anticipated series that brings together director Yoon Jong Bin with actors Kim Da Mi and Son Suk Ku. This mystery thriller delves into the secrets of a serial murder case reignited with enigmatic puzzle pieces, linking a profiler and a detective in a tense collaboration.

Nine Puzzles unravels around Kim Da Mi‘s character, Lee Na, a current profiler and the sole witness to an unresolved case from a decade ago, and Son Suk Ku‘s character, Han Saem, a tenacious detective from the violent crimes unit who suspects her until the very end.

Director Yoon Jong Bin, known for captivating both critics and audiences with films like The Spy Gone North and Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time, showcases his storytelling prowess in this series. Nine Puzzles marks his latest work following the acclaimed series Narco-Saints.

Kim Da Mi portrays Lee Na, a skilled profiler in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s forensic science division, who quickly identifies criminals’ psychology and motives on-site. Having been the only witness and a suspect in her uncle’s murder scene ten years ago, she seeks to unravel the case’s truth in her unique way.

Son Suk Ku takes on the role of Han Saem, an elite police officer known for his persistence and sharpness. However, his unconventional and sometimes off-the-chart actions cause confusion in the investigation.

Nine Puzzles is scheduled for a global release in 2025.

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Source: Disney Plus

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