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On July 1st, K-pop rookie group BabyMonster released its highly anticipated new digital single “Forever”. The seven-member girl group’s agency, YG Entertainment, announced the single’s release, describing it as BabyMonster’s “first summer digital single since its debut”.

“Forever” is a dance-pop track that blends 80s synth-pop influences with the group’s unique musical style. The song features a dynamic progression and an upbeat, hip-hop-infused atmosphere, showcasing the members’ wide vocal ranges

According to reports, the track’s “addictive chorus and numerous striking ‘killing parts’” add to the overall listening pleasure.The music video for “Forever” was praised for its “sensory direction reminiscent of a midsummer night’s dream,” perfectly capturing the song’s “freedom and charm”

The visuals feature the members in glamorous outfits, turning up the “glitz and glamour”.BabyMonster’s comeback with “Forever” comes just three months after the group released its EP “BABYMONS7ER” as a full seven-member lineup

The album marked the return of member Ahyeon, who had initially been slated to debut with the group in November 2023 but withdrew due to undisclosed health issues.”Forever” is BabyMonster’s first new music since Ahyeon’s return, and the group is currently on a meet-and-greet tour titled “BabyMonster Presents: See You There”

The septet is also set to perform at the prestigious Summer Sonic 2024 music festival in Japan in August.The release of “Forever” has generated significant excitement among K-pop fans, with one Reddit user expressing their inability to “contain [their] excitement” over the group’s comeback. The song’s blend of retro and contemporary influences, coupled with BabyMonster’s growing popularity, has positioned the single as a potential summer hit. BabyMonster, formed by YG Entertainment in 2023, has quickly established itself as one of the most promising new acts in the K-pop industry.

The group’s debut in November 2023 was met with critical acclaim, with the members showcasing their impressive vocal and performance skills. The release of “Forever” marks an important milestone for BabyMonster, as the group continues to solidify its position in the competitive K-pop landscape. With its unique sound, captivating visuals, and the return of Ahyeon, the single is poised to further propel the group’s rise to stardom.

As BabyMonster gears up for the release of its first full-length album later this year, the anticipation among K-pop fans is palpable. The group’s ability to seamlessly blend retro and modern elements, coupled with its members’ undeniable talent, has positioned BabyMonster as a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry.


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