Despite hundreds of K-dramas being produced every year, some of them don’t get the recognition they deserve. Among hit K-dramas, there are hidden gems that go unnoticed, especially due to factors like time slots, streaming platforms, budgets, etc. The time has come to shine the spotlight on some dramas that really deserve a wider international audience!

  • missing 9

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

What happens when you’re stranded on an island after your plane crashes and only 12 of the 47 passengers survive? In this drama, we find Ra Bong Hee, the stylist working for a famous celebrity, who finds herself stuck on an island where famous people live. Mysteriously, people began to disappear one after the other, leaving, after four months, only seven survivors on the island.

We are dealing with one of those dramas whose premise alone is a reason to watch it! The concept of famous South Korean celebrities as characters stuck on an island, where the main character is a fashion designer, really appeals to me. The suspense, mysteries and unexpected plot twists in “Missing 9” make every moment enjoyable, thus arousing the audience’s interest from start to finish. At the same time, we witness a fight for the survival of the characters and the revelation of the mystery of what really happened on the island!

  • Numbers

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

What should you do if you walk into an accounting firm that has been the downfall of your family? Will you take revenge or become part of the system responsible for your family’s ruin?

If the universe of K-dramas mainly favors doctors, detectives or even CEOs, it is rare to see professions such as that of accountant! Being a revenge Kdrama revealing various stories set within an accounting firm, “Numbers” takes us through the story of the first and only high school-educated accountant to join one of the largest accounting firms. accounting expertise of the country.

This series is worth watching because not only does it introduce the world of accounting to those who are unfamiliar with it, sharing the different terms and jargon used in this industry, but it also offers a unique experience in the genre of revenge by featuring a protagonist whose profession deviates from the usual roles linked to law.

  • Recipe For Farewell

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

If you found out that your ex-wife had cancer, would you be willing to return home and resume the role of husband?

In “Recipe For Farewell”, which is a heartwarming melodrama, we witness the story of a family whose wife is terminally ill with bowel cancer and struggles to eat due to problems digestive. The husband learns to cook for her while the son goes through puberty.

A real roller coaster of emotions, this Kdrama makes us both burst out laughing and shed tears, while presenting various Korean cuisines in each episode! It beautifully depicts how cooking reflects the depth of a person’s affection, as the act of purchasing, preparing and cooking ingredients is a heartfelt endeavor reserved for those one cherishes. It is a poignant reminder of the need to prioritize health and a reflection on the education of children, family dynamics and the values ​​of life.

  • Police University

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

For those who want to be part of the squad, here we have a Kdrama that provides all the necessary knowledge about the Korean National Police University!

“Police University” features a police university professor with 20 years of experience in crime detection and a computer hacker who joins the university as a freshman. It is with the help of other students that they form a secret alliance to carry out a joint investigation against corruption within the school.

In this drama, we witness fun investigations that highlight the bonds of camaraderie and dynamics between students of diverse origins. It realistically depicts the police training of aspirants who wish to serve their country while perfectly combining comedy and intense moments.

  • SF8

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

For fans of the British sci-fi series “Black Mirror”, “SF8” is considered the Korean equivalent of it, since they have the same format and a similar theme!

Consisting of eight independent episodes, each of which was helmed by different directors and writers while offering varied storytelling styles and exploring different science fiction themes such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, future societies and technological advances, “SF8” features people who dream of a perfect society.

In “SF8,” we find innovative and thought-provoking concepts that reflect current societal issues by providing social commentary on the impact of technology on society and human choices. Some of my favorite episodes include “SF8: White Crow,” which focuses on a trauma-based VR game, and “SF8: The Prayer,” which shows how people use android robots to take care of them!

  • Alice

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

Do you believe in time travel?

Time travel will always remain one of the most interesting genres! It all begins in 2050, when temporal agents traveled to 1992 in search of a book predicting the fate of certain people and the end of time travel itself. It is then that the main character, supposed to live in 2050, makes the decision to stay in 1992 to raise her child who is to be born, a revelation that she did not know before her time travel!

Despite the apparent complexity of the synopsis, this is what makes the charm of this drama, leaving you in suspense throughout its 16 episodes. The twists and turns of this science fiction Kdrama about time travel, which incorporates parallel worlds, never cease to surprise us. Indeed, the way everything is interconnected since episode 1 is simply incredible since it allows the entire plot to be linked.

  • Where Stars Land

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

Are you interested in a K-drama that takes place in an airport and doesn’t focus on pilots and flight attendants?

He takes us to Incheon International Airport, where we learn about the lives of airport employees and the difficulties they face, both professionally and personally. The airport setting provides a refreshing backdrop rarely explored in K-dramas, with intriguing characters from passenger services, airport planning, operations teams, and more! Having the male main character hold a secret adds depth and intrigue to the series.

  • The Guardian

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

When justice fails in its duty and your loved ones are victims of criminals, would you be ready to join a group dedicated to serving justice?

“The Guardian” follows a team of detectives, prosecutors and hackers who come together to take matters into their own hands in the face of the South Korean justice system’s inability to catch criminals. responsible for the tragedies they experienced. This is a series that offers a refreshing take on legal dramas, as it focuses on a group of individuals who seek to bring justice to the underprivileged and marginalized in society. This series is also one of those series that features a strong woman, Lee Si Young, a former shooter turned detective.

  • Into the Ring

K-Drama: These hidden gems not to be missed K-Sélection

Can women hold important positions in politics?

It’s impossible to finish this list of hidden joys of K-dramas without mentioning “Into the Ring!” » which features a woman who decides to run for district representative and her childhood friend who is now a civil servant!

This series stands out from conventional serious political dramas by its lighter and more fanciful side! It portrays a strong and independent woman, dedicated to her principles and her journey to becoming an honorable public servant. Offering romance, comedy, slice-of-life, and more, this Kdrama is a complete package with a solid 10/10 rating!

Although I mainly focused on the plots of these Kdramas, it is worth noting that all the actors delivered spectacular performances! The beauty and accuracy of these K-dramas make them hidden gems that should have their place on the television screen.  

What hidden gems would you add to this list?