tvN’s upcoming “Midnight Romance in Hagwon” has unveiled new heart-fluttering posters!

Helmed by director Ahn Pan Seok of the hit drama “Something in the Rain,” “Midnight Romance in Hagwon” is set against the backdrop of Daechi, a neighborhood renowned as the epicenter of private education in Korea. The plot centers around an instructor who tirelessly assists a student named Lee Joon Ho (Wi Ha Joon) in gaining admission to a prestigious university. In a twist of fate, Lee Joon Ho later returns to the academy as a rookie instructor after resigning from a large company because he remains fixated on his first love, his academy teacher Seo Hye Jin (Jung Ryeo Won), even after becoming an adult.

The newly released poster below features Seo Hye Jin and Lee Joon Ho walking down the street side by side after work. While Seo Hye Jin is fully enjoying the relaxing vibes of the night, Lee Joon Ho’s eyes are looking at Seo Hye Jin with affection and tenderness.

In another poster, Seo Hye Jin and Lee Joon Ho enjoy time alone at the hagwon (academy in Korean) where lights are turned off and everyone has left. The two, who are seated closely, lean toward one another as if they are about to kiss. Lee Joon Ho carefully pulls Seo Hye Jin to a distance where he can feel her breath, and Seo Hye Jin quietly closes her eyes at his touch, previewing a change in the relationship between the two who were once teacher and student.

The production team remarked, “[‘Midnight Romance in Hagwon’] will be a drama where viewers can feel both heart-fluttering moments and intense tension. Please look forward to the delicate performances of Jung Ryeo Won and Wi Ha Joon, who will complete a heart-pounding romance.”

“Midnight Romance in Hagwon” is set to premiere on May 11 at 9:20 p.m. KST.

Until then, watch Jung Ryeo Won in “Wok of Love” below:

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