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BTS’s Jin experienced an uncomfortable situation during a fan hug event, leading to allegations of sexual harassment by some attendees.

On June 13th, Jin hosted a “Hug Event” at the Seoul Songpa Sports Complex’s indoor gymnasium, where he embraced 1,000 fans. The event was part of the final day of BTS’s annual “Festa,” celebrating the group’s debut anniversary. Notably, this was Jin’s first public appearance since his military discharge just a day prior.

Jin greeted the fans warmly, saying, “It’s been a long time. I’ve been planning this event for a while, and I’m so happy to finally do it. I’ve become more shy since returning from the military. Please be understanding if I seem a bit awkward.”

Initially, the event was to be held privately without any recordings, but Jin managed to get permission for fans to take photos. He explained, “Originally, filming wasn’t allowed, but I talked to the company and got the okay. Please take nice pictures.” Thanks to this change, photos and videos from the event spread across online communities and social media, allowing fans who couldn’t attend to share in the experience.

Witness accounts describe Jin as initially nervous but genuinely affectionate, hugging each fan with sincerity. Many fans maintained orderly conduct, despite their excitement. Respecting Jin’s wishes, fans briefly embraced him before quickly moving on to avoid causing delays for others.

However, a troubling incident captured in one photo sparked outrage among fans. The image shows a fan kissing Jin on the neck without his consent. Reports indicate that multiple fans engaged in similar behavior, prompting accusations of sexual harassment.

The fact that this happened during “Festa,” a significant event for BTS and their supporters, and right after Jin’s military service, has only intensified the backlash. Many see the incident as tarnishing what was meant to be a heartfelt reunion. Despite Jin’s clear guidelines, the inappropriate actions of a few have cast a shadow over the event. Some argue that paid hug events clash with Korean cultural norms and stress the need for better protection and safety measures for idols during such engagements.


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