Jin Ki Joo, Kim Min Ju, and Seo Kang Joon may star in the upcoming comedy-action drama “Undercover High School” (literal title)!

On May 23, it was reported that Jin Ki Joo and Kim Min Ju will be starring in the new MBC drama “Undercover High School.”

In response to the report, Kim Min Ju’s agency Management SOOP clarified, “Kim Min Ju has received an offer to star in ‘Undercover High School’ and is positively reviewing it.” Jin Ki Joo’s side has yet to comment on the report.

“Undercover High School” is a comedy-action drama about a man who goes undercover as a high school student while hiding his identity as an agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). As he navigates school life, he builds solidarity and bonds with his classmates. The drama is penned by Im Young Bin of “Bad Prosecutor.”

Back in March, it was revealed that Seo Kang Joon is in talks to star as Jung Hae Sung, an undercover agent who disguises himself as a high school student. If confirmed, “Undercover High School” will be his first return project after being discharged from the military in May 2023.

Jin Ki Joo has reportedly been offered the role of Oh Soo Ah, a temporary teacher and Jung Hae Sung’s homeroom teacher at Byeongmun High School.

Kim Min Ju is in talks for the role of Lee Ye Na, the only daughter of the chairman of Byeongmun High School and the student council president. Known for being aloof and meticulous, Lee Ye Na always secures first place in various competitions, contests, and popularity polls. However, behind the scenes, she puts in an unhealthy amount of extreme effort to maintain her top position.

“Undercover High School” is set to air early next year on MBC. Stay tuned for more updates!

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