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Ji Sung recently expressed his deep affection for his wife, Lee Bo Young, and their children.

In the latest video on the YouTube channel “MMTG,” Ji Sung appeared alongside his co-stars Jeon Mi Do, Kwon Yul, Kim Kyung Nam, and Jung Soon Won from the SBS drama Connection, sharing various stories.

When asked about enjoying “love posts” on Instagram with his wife, Ji Sung felt bashful. MC Jaejae mentioned a comment saying, “It seems Ji Sung has a crush on Lee Bo Young. He’s showing it off too much.” Ji Sung laughed and agreed, saying, “I laughed so hard at that comment.”

Ji Sung also shared that he still has Lee Bo Young saved in his phone as “Ultra Super Sexy Beauty,” and explained, “I sleep horizontally at the foot of the bed with my wife and two children to prevent the kids from falling off. Our goal is to raise our children well. Our dream is for them to grow up healthy and wonderful.”

Jeon Mi Do chimed in, “Every time I talk to him, I feel like a bad person. I always tell my husband about Ji Sung.”

Ji Sung also recounted how he started acting, “I wanted to learn acting, so I went to an acting school, where they connected me with reenactment roles for part-time work. My real name is Kwak Tae Geun, but no one calls me that anymore. Back then, scripts were piled up outside the drama production office, and you could take as many as you needed. I used to read scripts in Yeouido Park, fall asleep under the stars, and sneak into studios to learn from actors.”

Regarding his role in the 1999 drama KAIST, Ji Sung said, “I wanted it so much that I called 411 to get the production company’s number. I gathered the courage to get an audition opportunity, and that’s how I debuted.”

Ji Sung has since won two Grand Prizes at the MBC Drama Award in 2015 for Kill Me, Heal Me and the SBS Drama Award in 2017 for Innocent Defendant. He shared, “My wife says I received the awards thanks to our daughter. She was born in 2015, and everything good that happened is because of her.”

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