SBS’s “Good Partner” has shared new stills featuring Jang Nara, Ji Seung Hyun, and Han Jae Yi!

Written by an actual divorce attorney, “Good Partner” will depict the humorous struggles of two very different divorce lawyers: Cha Eun Kyung (Jang Nara), a star lawyer for whom divorce is her calling, and Han Yu Ri (Nam Ji Hyun), a rookie lawyer who is still new to divorce.

The first set of stills captures the warm atmosphere between the perfect couple, Cha Eun Kyung and Kim Ji Sang (Ji Seung Hyun). Kim Ji Sang is a medical advisor at law firm Daejeong and the doting husband of Cha Eun Kyung.

Kim Ji Sang, whose main goal in life being to build a happy family, willingly takes on the role of caring for the workaholic Cha Eun Kyung. Their unique trust and affection are evident in Cha Eun Kyung’s loving gaze toward him. With their impeccable appearances and charisma, Cha Eun Kyung and Kim Ji Sang seem perfect from head to toe. However, an incident occurs that causes a rift in their seemingly flawless relationship. Viewers are curious about the changes that will come to their perfect daily lives.

The next photo depicts Choi Sa Ra, Cha Eun Kyung’s devoted secretary of 10 years. Choi Sa Ra is the perfect secretary who always stays a step ahead to meet the requirements of the cold and meticulous veteran lawyer Cha Eun Kyung. She’s a hard worker who has risen through the ranks to become a team leader, now assisting with legal documents. She advances toward her goals, using her admiration and jealousy toward her esteemed superior Cha Eun Kyung as motivation.

The story of Kim Ji Sang and Choi Sa Ra, who have close ties to Cha Eun Kyung, is expected to add thrilling excitement to the drama. Jang Nara commented, “Kim Ji Sang is a devoted husband and father, but he is also very different from Eun Kyung. The conversations with Ji Seung Hyun while filming were interesting.” She added, “Choi Sa Ra is a quiet but intelligent character. In real life, Han Jae Yi is like a cute rabbit, but while acting together, I realized she is a very hardworking actress.”

“Good Partner” is set to premiere on July 12 at 10 p.m. KST.

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