A love triangle is forming on KBS 2TV’s “Beauty and Mr. Romantic”!

“Beauty and Mr. Romantic” is a romance drama about an actress who hits rock bottom overnight and the producing director (PD) who gets her back on her feet out of love. Im Soo Hyang stars as A-list actress Park Do Ra, who has been worked to the bone for years by her ruthless stage mom—and whose life undergoes an unexpected change when she happens to run into assistant director Go Pil Seung (Ji Hyun Woo) on the set of a drama.


Previously on “Beauty and Mr. Romantic,” Gong Jin Dan (Go Yoon)—an investor in Park Do Ra’s drama—began pursuing the actress and showering her with gifts. Meanwhile, Do Ra had been gradually opening her heart to Pil Seung, but she felt shocked and betrayed when she happened to witness him badmouthing her with Cha Bong Soo (Kang Sung Min).

In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Jin Dan shows up on set after sending a food truck on an epic scale to show his support for Do Ra. While Jin Dan is excited to be sharing a meal with Do Ra, her wandering gaze and awkward attempts to smile reveal that she can’t stop paying attention to Pil Seung and his reaction to the situation.

Pil Seung, who was unaware that a food truck was already on the way, shows up with a takeout order of tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), which Do Ra loves. However, after seeing Jin Dan’s large-scale gift for her, he suddenly becomes insecure and pathetically hides behind a tree to spy on them.

Later, a jealous Pil Seung complains about something to Do Ra’s manager Lee Jae Dong (Nam Joong Kyu), while Do Ra—who still feels betrayed by Pil Seung—wears a frosty expression as she intentionally tries to avoid looking at him.

To find out whether Jin Dan succeeds in winning Do Ra over—and what lies in store for Pil Seung and Dora’s relationship—tune in to the next episode of “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” on April 13 at 7:55 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, catch up on all the previous episodes of the drama with subtitles on Viki below:

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