Long before casting him in the lead role in the Netflix original series “Parasyte: The Grey,” director Yeon Sang Ho already had his sights set on Jeon So Nee. Her acting skills and image convinced Yeon that she was a perfect fit for Su In’s character, allowing her to have a role that would challenge her to play not only a young woman dealing with a extreme loneliness, but also a mutant who, unlike the others, has not been completely conquered by an alien parasite.

Parasyte The Gray

This series tells the story of Su In, a grocery store employee in her twenties, isolated from her family and faced with the after-effects of domestic abuse and who finds herself linked to Kang Woo, played by Koo Kyo Hwan, a former gangster who discovers her secret and becomes her unlikely ally to survive.

On the set, Kyo Hwan’s talent aroused the admiration of Jeon So Nee who said: “Kyo Hwan’s ability to fill in empty spaces in the script is a quality I really desire. During filming, I thought about the effort and experience it takes to acquire this skill and the improvisations that bring joy to the team. This essence, I think it takes a lot of effort to obtain it. It allowed me to become much more daring by trying new things with each take. »

Kang-woo in Parasyte the Gray

The end of Parasyte: The Gray is marked by a clear reference to a possible season 2, which Jeon is eager to participate in, a creative ending that has sparked some excitement for the sequel.  “For me, it’s a pleasure to participate in season 2, whatever its nature.” Kyo Hwan joked that he “would be fun if Kang Woo and Su In got together, it was partly a joke, but would still be funny”, she said.