KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Scandal” has shared new stills of Jeon Seung Bin and Kim Jin Woo!

“Scandal” will tell the story of a woman who wants to have the world and another woman who risks everything for revenge. Jeon Seung Bin will play Na Hyun Woo, a star director who achieved fame at a young age, while Kim Jin Woo will play Hyun Woo’s younger brother Na Seung Woo, who works under him as an assistant director.

The newly released stills depict Hyun Woo and Seung Woo attending the wrap party for writer Baek Seol Ah (Han Bo Reum)’s drama, where they congratulate and exchange greetings with the cast and crew. Hyun Woo, a star director recognized for his directing skills and sophisticated interpretation of works, exudes an intellectual aura with his glasses and casual attire. Additionally, his warm and affectionate conversations with his assistant director and younger brother, Seung Woo, showcase their close bond.

Seung Woo, on the other hand, looks dependable standing next to his older brother. The stills offer a glimpse of the intriguing tight bond between Seung Woo, who looks up to his older brother, and Hyun Woo, who trusts his younger brother more than anyone else.

Moreover, Hyun Woo and Seung Woo both captivate with their handsome looks, sparking curiosity about who might capture their hearts in the drama. What sort of incidents will Hyun Woo and Seung Woo become entangled in as they work together on writer Seol Ah’s drama, and how they will respond to the mysterious death that occurs at the wrap party?

“Scandal” will premiere on June 17 at 7:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jeon Seung Bin in “Again My Life” below:

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