“True Beauty” is a popular Naver webtoon, created by Yaongyi. Between 2020 and 2021, it was adapted into a Korean drama by tvN, becoming an instant hit thanks to its lead actors, ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Youp. Now, a Japanese live-action film adaptation is in preparation.

Japanese adaptation of True Beauty sparks varied reactions K-Sélection

Kōki, a 21-year-old model and composer, daughter of actor Takuya Kimura and singer Shizuka Kudo, is expected to play the lead role in this Japanese remake. She will play a high school student self-conscious about her appearance who transforms herself thanks to her makeup skills to avoid school bullying.

According to a film industry source, Kōki truly transformed her appearance for this role, having usually worn natural makeup. Additionally, she is not familiar with typical Japanese school life having attended an international school. Although it can be confusing, she is enjoying her acting experience so far.

Japanese adaptation of True Beauty sparks varied reactions K-Sélection

The announcement of this adaptation sparked mixed reactions online. Some are eager to see Kōki in the lead role.

True beauty doesn’t deserve all the hype. The first few episodes were good, but the series got confusing as it continued. There are plenty of other manhwas that deserve adaptations more than True Beauty.

I really don’t like True Beauty, but Koki is one of Howl’s Japanese voice girls! She is so pretty.

I would watch it, I will never forget how addicted I was to True Beauty in its early days, even though I never finished the webtoon or kdrama, but I loved it and will continue to love it.

So many good stories worth adapting, why are they insisting on this one???

No hate towards the actress, but I’m so tired of watching “True Beauty.”

I love that it speaks to the reality that women face with beauty standards, but I feel like the story has lost its way. It’s similar to Lookism. It started with good intentions to raise awareness about appearance-related prejudices, but then it became a gang story. We need more media talking about lookism.

Many die-hard “True Beauty” fans are excited for this new take on the story.

Japanese adaptation of True Beauty sparks varied reactions K-Sélection

OMG, True Beauty is my favorite school drama of all time! I hope that the Japanese will do justice to the original series and be as successful all over the world, even after many years! Good luck !

Others believe that “True Beauty” is overrated and too often adapted without real necessity.

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