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Jang Ki Yong delves into the role of a time traveler stripped of his powers due to depression in JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama, The Atypical Family, premiering May 4th. The drama has unveiled contrasting stills of Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong) longing to return to happier times.

The Atypical Family spins a fantasy romance about a man with unique abilities who couldn’t save anyone until he rescues his destined one. It’s a story filled with laughter and warmth, focusing on a man’s struggle with a modern-day malaise that costs him his unusual power and a woman who becomes entwined in his life seemingly by fate.

The released stills promise an intriguing transformation for Jang Ki Yong, portraying Bok Gwi Ju’s extremes as a time traveler who loses his ability to depression. Bok Gwi Ju can only travel to moments of happiness, but having failed to change the past, all that he can do is recount those happy moments. His decision to become a firefighter stems from a desire to use his powers to save others, not himself.

However, subsequent photos hint at a drastic change, showing a face marked by an indefinable sadness and a gaze filled with emptiness, suggesting the tough times he’s endured. Stricken with depression and powerless, he can no longer return to the happy times.

Jang Ki Yong commented, “The premise of a man losing his powers due to a common modern-day illness felt refreshingly new. I was excited about working with such a talented team. It’s my first project in a while, so I had a mix of excitement and anticipation.” He added, “Though the drama centers around superpowers, it’s also a story about ‘family.’ I hope everyone looks forward to the laughter and emotions that Bok Gwi Ju and the Bok family will bring.”

Directed by Jo Hyun Tak of SKY Castle, and penned by Marriage, Not Dating writer Ju Hwa Mi, with Kang Eun Kyung of Dr. Romantic tabbed as a creator, this marks Jang Ki Yong’s eagerly awaited return since his military discharge. Alongside reliable actors like Chun Woo Hee, Suhyun (aka Claudia Kim), and more, The Atypical Family will premiere on May 4th at 10:30 PM KST.


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