In JTBC’s upcoming K-drama The Atypical Family, scheduled to air on May 4, Jang Ki Yong will play the role of a time traveler deprived of his powers due to depression. Contrasting images of Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong) wishing to return to happier times were revealed as part of this series.

The Atypical Family is a fantasy romance about a man with unique abilities who couldn’t save anyone until he saved the one meant for him. Full of laughter and warmth, this is a story centered on a man’s struggle against a modern malaise that robs him of his exceptional power, and a woman who enters his life, it seems through destiny.

The Atypical Family

In the revealed photos, we can expect an intriguing transformation of Jang Ki Yong, who embodies the extremes of Bok Gwi Ju, a time traveler who loses his abilities due to depression. Being able to travel only in moments of happiness but finding himself unable to change the past, Bok Gwi is therefore content to recount these happy moments. His desire to use his powers to save others, and not himself, pushes him to choose the profession of firefighter.

Later photos, however, suggest a radical change, with a face imbued with an indefinable sadness and a look filled with emptiness, testifying to the difficult times he went through. Depression and helplessness no longer allow him to return to happy times. Jang Ki Yong said:  » The scenario of a man who loses his powers following a common modern-day illness seemed quite innovative to me, which made me very enthusiastic and at the same time excited to work with such a talented team, since he This is actually my first project in a while.

“While the series is focused on superpowers, it is also a story about “family” and I hope everyone will enjoy the laughter and emotions that Bok Gwi Ju and the Bok family will bring” he adds.

Jang Ki Yong plays a time traveler in new K-drama 'The Atypical Family' K-Selection

Directed by Jo Hyun Tak of SKY Castle with a screenplay by Ju Hwa Mi, author of Marriage, Not Dating, and Kang Eun Kyung of Dr. Romantic as creator, this series marks the highly anticipated return of Jang Ki Yong since his demobilization. The Atypical Family will premiere on May 4 at 22:30 p.m. KST, featuring reliable actors like Chun Woo Hee, Suhyun (aka Claudia Kim), and more.

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