After completing his military service, Jang Ki Yong is making a striking return to television with the new JTBC drama The Atypical Family. The drama’s press conference took place on May 2nd, with the cast including Jang Ki Yong, Chun Woo Hee, Claudia Kim (aka Kim Soo Hyun), Park So Yi, and director Jo Hyun Tak in attendance.

In The Atypical Family, Jang Ki Yong portrays Bok Gi Joo, a man who, suffering from depression, loses his supernatural ability to time travel. Unlike typical time-travel heroes, Bok Gi Joo can only slip back to moments of happiness. His life takes a turn when he meets Do Da Hae, who brings change and challenge into his world.

Reflecting on his return to acting, Jang Ki Yong shared his enthusiasm for his first role post-service. “There was a strong pull toward this character. That’s why I chose Bok Gi Joo,” he shared. “There was a unique charm about the hero family, and the script was fun. I felt excited that I’ll be able to give performances even I can’t predict.” He elaborated on his role, “Playing a father wasn’t easy, but I focused more on being Bok Gi Joo rather than just a father, which required a lot of thought and preparation.”

“I read the script a lot, talked extensively with the director, and we had many rehearsals. It was challenging but fulfilling,” he recounted, indicating a thorough and collaborative process behind the scenes.

Moreover, Jang Ki Yong expressed excitement about working with Chun Woo Hee, noting, “She was an actor I’d hoped to work with someday. Our on-screen romance has its sweet and sad moments but carries a poignant depth. We relied on each other a lot during filming, and the synergy was good; we had fun shooting.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming fantasy romance series The Atypical Family features a man with unique abilities who has never managed to save anyone—until he meets his fate. The drama will premiere on the 4th at 10:30 PM KST.


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