Jang Ki Yong is embarking on an Asia tour for the first time in five years!

On June 13, YG Entertainment announced that Jang Ki Yong will kick off his 2024 Asia fan meeting tour “Beautiful Day” starting in Seoul in August, followed by visits to five other cities to meet global fans.

The title of the fan meeting “Beautiful Day” reflects Jang Ki Yong’s excitement and desire to create memorable moments with fans he will meet for the first time in five years since “Filmography” in 2019.

The teaser poster shows Jang Ki Yong leaning against a sunlit window, eyes closed, with a serene smile that creates a refreshing atmosphere. It highlights his anticipation for the upcoming fan meetings.

Jang Ki Yong’s 2024 Asia fan meeting tour “Beautiful Day” kicks off in Seoul on August 3, followed by Tokyo on August 18 and Osaka on August 20. He will then visit Bangkok on September 14, Taipei on September 21, and Manila on September 28.

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