DKZ’s Jaechan has shared insight about his upcoming role in “Bitter Sweet Hell”!

“Bitter Sweet Hell” is a black comedy starring Kim Hee Sun as Noh Young Won, the top family psychiatrist in all of Korea. When an anonymous blackmailer puts her career and family at risk, Noh Young Won teams up with her mother-in-law Hong Sa Gang (Lee Hye Young), a mystery novelist, to protect their family.

In the drama, Choi Do Hyun (Jachan) is the son of Noh Young Won and Choi Jae Jin (Kim Nam Hee). He is a standout character, excelling academically, displaying impeccable manners, and adeptly managing his mother’s demanding schedules. However, tension rises as he gets caught up in a gripping plot after keeping a secret from his family.

Jaechan shared his thoughts ahead of the first broadcast, expressing, “The drama offers a mix of thriller, comedy, and family warmth. It’s my first time trying this genre, so I’m feeling both excited and nervous.” He continued, “This project feels like a new step forward in my acting career. Working alongside senior actors I’ve long admired has been a great learning experience, and it’s motivated me to strive for even greater performance in the future. I’ve put a lot of effort into delivering quality acting, so I hope viewers have high expectations.”

Jaechan has solidified his status as a rising icon through his diverse talents showcased in dramas, variety shows, radio, and commercials. In 2022, he starred in “Semantic Error,” leaving a lasting impression and establishing himself as an actor.

“Bitter Sweet Hell” premieres on May 24 at 9:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

In the meantime, check out a trailer for “Bitter Sweet Hell”!

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