Yu Jiaen was unexpectedly promoted to deputy director by Lu Zijie. Zhang Qing announced the news at the meeting. Everyone was surprised. Only Xiaomi was really happy for Yu Jiaen. Lin Li is very dissatisfied with this, she is very wronged, she has struggled for many years to get to where she is today, why is Yu Jiaen, she has only been in this company for a few months, Zhang Qing is not in the mood to comfort Lin Li, let her have an opinion Go directly to Lu Zijie.

    Yu Jiaen is very domineering. She told Lin Li that she is capable, so she took the position. She also wanted to shake hands with Lin Li. She hoped that the cooperation in work will be smooth in the future, but Lin Li ignored her and left the meeting directly. room. Xu Yao is also having a meeting to lay out future plans. Su Yi doesn’t want to let Yu Jiaen and the others do the marketing part. She is trying to find a way to contact other marketing companies. Su Yi contacted someone she knew and wanted to sign Fanxing’s marketing to her. But she is not the person in charge of the marketing department, so she still needs to ask Hao Chenshi for his opinion.

    Lu Zijie asked Yu Jiaen to meet, but it was actually a picking garden far away. He brought his daughter and his aunt here. Recently, his daughter Dudu was very interested in this. Speaking of Yu Jiaen, she also liked Yu Jiaen very much, and later Yu Jiaen also picked together. She and Dudu had a good time, and Lu Zijie saw it.

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    After the end, Dudu fell asleep tiredly. Lu Zijie arranged for his aunt to take Dudu home first. He drank tea with Yu Jiaen here. He took this opportunity to confess his love to Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen was a little scared, but Lu Zijie is very gentleman , He told Yu Jiaen that there is no need to answer anything now, and there is no burden, and her promotion is indeed based on her ability.

    When Hao Chenshi was on Zhang Qing’s business trip, he took the initiative to take Zhang Qing’s mother out for dinner. Zhang Qing’s mother took the opportunity to test whether Hao Chenshi wanted to marry Zhang Qing, and asked for a gift of 200,000 yuan. Hao Chenshi knew what Zhang Qing’s mother meant, he thought that Zhang Qing was not a product with a clearly marked price, if the money was given to Zhang Qing, he would naturally give it to him, but he knew who Zhang Qing’s mother was for, so this item There was nothing to talk about, the two of them didn’t have a very pleasant chat, but Hao Chenshi still wanted to finish the meal together and send Zhang Qing’s mother home safely. Zhang Qing’s mother was a little embarrassed, but she still picked up the chopsticks and continued cooking.

    Yu Jiaen took the initiative to ask Xu Yao to watch a Marvel movie. This was their regret. Yu Jiaen specially booked the show. She wanted to let Xu Yao relax and not be so nervous. After watching the movie, the two ate hot pot together. Yu Jiaen told them that they wanted to win Fanxing’s annual cooperation, and the plan was already underway. She was very confident in winning Fanxing, and Xu Yao was also very confident in Yu Jiaen.

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    Su Yi and Lu Zijie met when they were waiting for the elevator in the garage at work. Su Yi could tell that Lu Zijie liked Yu Jiaen, and Lu Zijie also knew Su Yi’s thoughts on Xu Yao. Su Yi hoped that they would work hard on their own. Lu Zijie said what he had confessed Come out, but didn’t say it clearly, just like what Su Yi said, they should work hard on their own.

    In the end, Su Yi took the initiative and handed over the operation of Fanxing Platform’s Shuangwei to other marketing companies. The statement she gave made Hao Chenshi unable to refute, and she wanted to divide the marketing business into fragments, so that he could try a few more marketing companies. After Zhang Qing and Yu Jiaen knew the situation, they thought it was okay, but Xu Yao couldn’t suppress his anger, and had a quarrel with Su Yi.