The video shot by Yu Jiaen went online, and it became the third most popular search, but the comment area was full of criticism. Netizens thought their content was objectifying women and denying the value of women. Everyone knew that something went wrong. Zhang Qing led the team for emergency public relations. Yu Jiaen also wanted to participate, but in order to protect her, Zhang Qing refused her to continue participating in Fanxing’s project. Zhang Qing asked Yu Jiaen to write a statement, but Yu Jiaen never wrote it. She searched the Internet for information and found it to be of no reference value.

    Such a big event naturally alarmed Lu Zijie, and he also went to the company to personally teach Yu Jiaen how to write a statement. At this time, sincerity is the ultimate skill. But things got worse and worse. Su Yi’s father’s company was also picked up and scolded together, and the actor An An who refused to shoot commercials at the beginning took the opportunity to gain popularity and beat him up. An An also announced Yu Jiaen’s name. Yu Jiaen has been fleshed out. Now that Yu Jiaen has applied to participate in the public relations project, she can’t stay out of it and must save herself. Su Yi’s father went to Beijing for a meeting, and the group’s public relations department sent him negative information about Fanxing. He went directly to Fanxing to find Su Yi and asked for a solution to the matter.

    Su Yi’s father knew that netizens like to read evil, so he asked Fanxing and Spectrum to fire one person to quell the public opinion this time. He took out Lu Zijie to threaten Zhang Qing to make a decision as soon as possible. The public relations case of the general group, so she had to do what President Su wanted, so she chose Xiaomi, because firing an assistant would bring the least loss to the company.

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    Yu Jiaen will not let Xiaomi admit all the responsibilities. She communicated with Zhang Qing alone, and finally she decided to use 24 hours of golden public relations time to solve this matter. If the public opinion is not calmed down, she will take the initiative to resign. The reason why Zhang Qing chose Xiaomi was because he wanted to protect Yu Jiaen. After the final communication, Zhang Qing decided to deal with Yu Jiaen’s way.

    It’s not that one family doesn’t enter one family. Xu Yao also rejected Mr. Su’s words of dismissing the people from Fanxing’s marketing department. Originally, they were a start-up company, and everyone relied on their beliefs. So he disagreed with Mr. Su’s solution. At this time, Yu Jiaen rushed into the office and expressed his thoughts. Mr. Su felt that since she was so confident, he would do as she said, and if she couldn’t solve it, she would leave.

    Yu Jiaen plans to record an apology video and direct the scolding war to herself, so that the damage to the three companies will gradually decrease. Zhang Qing delegated power to Yu Jiaen and asked her to mobilize all company resources that could be mobilized. Xiaomi is very grateful to Yu Jiaen for protecting herself. Everyone is sweeping the door, but I didn’t expect Yu Jiaen to stand up and speak for herself. Yu Jiaen is also very grateful for Xiaomi’s kindness. Although she had a lot of helplessness at the beginning, when everyone in the team isolated her, Xiaomi gave her kindness. A person’s kindness will always be seen and rewarded.

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    Zhang Qing felt that this matter was very strange, and understood that this was engaging in Fanxing, but Fanxing did not have a competing product company, so she asked Lin Li to compile a rhythmic tuba, but she wanted to see how it was fermented. She found the person in charge of the marketing account, and “forced” the person in charge to write the name of the customer behind them in the notebook. At the same time, Yu Jiaen led the team to find a breakthrough from An An. They found the testimonial recording of An An’s ex-boyfriend, which proved that An An’s character was poor, and she did voluntarily refuse the commercial shooting. Lin Li cooperated and immediately seized this wave of trends to drive public opinion to reverse.