Li Nianhuan suffered from postpartum depression, and Yu Jiaen asked Li Nianhuan’s mother to tell herself anything before leaving. Knowing that Su Yi replaced the project manager Yu Jiaen, Xu Yao wanted to talk to Su Yi, but was stopped by Hao Chenshi. Hao Chenshi told Xu Yao that there was no problem with Su Yi’s decision, and she was thinking about the company’s progress. , The project manager was replaced. If he got involved, he was not helping Yu Jiaen, but causing trouble for her. Xu Yao remembered Yu Jiaen’s words, they are now in the relationship between Party A and Party B, don’t use guilt to break the original safe distance, this will only attract criticism, so Xu Yao gave up the idea of ​​standing up for Yu Jiaen.

    Only when Yu Jiaen returned to Beijing did he realize that his project was given to someone else. This is the rule of the workplace and cannot be changed. From this, Yu Jiaen also knows that it is okay to be sad but it cannot affect the pace of progress, otherwise it will only result in being replaced. Yu Jiaen lost a project, so she worked overtime in the company to get familiar with other projects, and Lu Zijie happened to see it. As a senior and boss, he explained the truth to Yu Jiaen, and at the same time gave her a new project, which he was leading. It was getting late, and Lu Zijie was going to send Yu Jiaen home. Yu Jiaen thought of what happened last time and declined him. Lu Zijie told Yu Jiaen that he was divorced and there would be no more gossip.

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    Li Nianhuan and Xu Wensong’s mother met to talk about the children’s divorce. Yu Jiaen knew that Li Nianhuan’s mother was an intellectual and worried that she would suffer, so she asked her to help out. Sure enough, the wicked need to be ruled by the wicked. Wang Ma and Xu Wensong’s mother quarreled, and Wang Ma gained the upper hand and left Xu Wensong’s mother in anger. Li Nianhuan’s mother is very grateful to Wang Ma, and hopes that they can walk around more. After all, the children are getting along very well now, and there may be a chance to get together in the future. Wang Ma is anxious to play mahjong, so Li Nianhuan’s mother hastened to go back and take care of them. daughter.

    Lin Li deliberately ordered Yu Jiaen to come in to deliver water when she was in a meeting with Xu Yao and the others, and even asked her to beat her up in front of them. In fact, she was trying to curry favor with Su Yi. Ever since Su Yi knew about the relationship between Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao, Gradually blackened, she deliberately made things difficult for Yu Jiaen, but Yu Jiaen was neither humble nor overbearing, she kept smiling, and told Su Yi that the reason why she did not choose to get back together with Xu Yao now was not because she was afraid of Su Yi, but because of her own problems, she still feel they are inappropriate.

    When Yu Jiaen was giving Su Yi coffee, he accidentally knocked it over. Lin Li began to criticize Yu Jiaen in front of everyone. Xu Yao couldn’t stand it anymore. He winked at Hao Chenshi. Hao Chenshi reminded Lin Li that they would be embarrassed if they did so. Su Yi was also eccentric, thinking that this would make it look like she was deliberately bullying Yu Jiaen. Yu Jiaen ran to the bathroom full of grievances. It turned out that this is the law of mushrooms that Lu Zijie said, and she really understood it.

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    Yu Jiaen went to Zhao Ang and told him about Li Nianhuan’s miscarriage. No matter what kind of relationship they had, Yu Jiaen hoped that Zhao Ang could help Li Nianhuan at this time. Li Nianhuan received a text message from Zhao Ang, who was trying to persuade Li Nianhuan to come out in his own way. At the same time, Xiao Li found Li Nianhuan’s house. She intentionally recorded and pretended to help Li Nianhuan get more money. If she comes to the door again, she will never sign, so she will be a mistress for the rest of her life.