Wang Ma hopes that Yu Jiaen will not be like herself, who is still alone in her 50s without a companion. She didn’t think Yu Jiaen was wrong, but she hoped that Yu Jiaen would learn to play dumb and show weakness, so that it would be easier. But Yu Jiaen has Wang Ma’s blood on her body, she can’t escape, she has such a strong character in her bones.

    Xu Wensong took the initiative to go to the hospital to ask Li Nianhuan to file for a divorce. He still thinks that it is Li Nianhuan’s problem. Come out son, Li Nianhuan really didn’t expect that Xu Wensong still felt that he was not wrong, he pushed himself down the stairs, and he was cheating, and now he came here to ask for a divorce, and said that she would not let her divide the property, he never None of them cared about themselves.

    When Yu Jiaen and Xu Yao heard about this incident, they were so angry that they rushed directly to Xu Wensong’s factory. Yu Jiaen took the photo of Xu Wensong’s g and sent it to the workers to “publicize” his deeds. Together, Xu Wensong pushed Yu Jiaen to On the ground, Xu Yao just arrived. Seeing this scene, he rushed over and punched Xu Wensong twice. Later, the two wrestled together. Seeing Xu Yao occupying the lower peak, Yu Jiaen shot decisively. Yao also failed. Later, when they arrived at the police station, they both chose to mediate in private.

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    After this matter was settled, Yu Jiaen took the initiative to invite Xu Yao to have dinner. The two finally settled their knots for so many years, and now it can be regarded as the reconciliation scene of the century. Yu Jiaen finally realized her problem. At that time, she only cared about getting angry and starting a business together, but she didn’t consider Xu Yao. Xu Yao must have had a hard time at that time. Yu Jiaen hoped to bid farewell to Xu Yao this time and let go of the previous things. .

    Xu Yao sent Yu Jiaen home, and Yu Jiaen remembered that the lottery ticket that Xu Yao gave her had won two hundred yuan, and she gave Xu Yao 100 yuan, half of each person, and they all put the good luck in their wallets. Xu Yao hugged Yu Jiaen, this is the only way to say goodbye, Yu Jiaen didn’t break free, she also felt that this was the only way to say goodbye in the true sense.

    The two returned home separately, took out the photo albums of the year, looked at the records of the past, and recalled the good times at the time. At that time, they would never have thought that they would be separated. Yu Jiaen was really relieved, and she blacked out the past Xu Yao’s face was wiped off, the past was beautiful, so let’s keep that memory.

    Xu Yao’s company still has a lot of work to do. The finance side has to hold a meeting to report on the company’s accounts. Su Yi helped Xu Yao book a flight, and Li Nianhuan’s side, Yu Jiaen, can still accompany her. Xu Yao’s side needs to worry about funds, and they need to make preparations to increase income and reduce expenditure, otherwise, in another three months, I am afraid that the employees’ salaries will not be paid. The focus of future work is firstly financing and secondly membership growth.

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    Li Nianhuan was discharged from the hospital and returned home. She was in a very bad condition. Fortunately, Yu Jiaen accompanied her to enlighten her. Li Nianhuan now feels that she killed the child with her mind. Yu Jiaen hopes that she will stop thinking about it. Good state and Zhao Ang still have a dream to reunite. Hao Chenshi took the initiative to find Zhang Qing in the office, hoping that Zhang Qing could expedite their company’s case. Zhang Qing warned Hao Chenshi that if it was for his sake, it would never be possible to advance the case.