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Im Soo Hyang revealed her unique tips and tricks for filming kiss scenes.

In a recent episode of Shin Dong Yup‘s YouTube show, Ji Hyun Woo and Im Soo Hyang teamed up to chat about their KBS 2TV drama, Beauty and Mr. Romantic. Naturally, the conversation turned to the age-old question: kiss scenes.

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Shin Dong Yup threw the question out there, asking, “Did you guys have any kisses in the show?” Ji Hyun Woo chuckled and replied, “Perhaps a peck or two… and a proper kiss scene, right?”

Im Soo Hyang chimed in, saying, “Actually, I have a favorite way to do kiss scenes.” Leaning forward, she shared her secret technique. “So, here’s the thing,” she began, “I accidentally kiss someone and then I look at the person after pulling away. I give it a little pause, take a breath, and then kiss again. The viewers love it.”

As Im Soo Hyang reenacted the whole scenario, poor Ji Hyun Woo turned bright red. He covered Im Soo Hyang’s face with his hands, sending everyone in the room into laughter.

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